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  • Breaking News - Bertin Bioreagent Focuses Its Activity On Providing Bioreagents & Bioanalytical Tools

Bertin continues to be your partner for Bioreagents and Bioanalytical tools

Bertin, with the Bertin Bioreagent brand keeps on offering you 20 000 product references for your researches which applications applied to metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, immunology or inflammation and even more...?

Your new Partners for pharmaceutical development & non-clinical / clinical services

The buyers are two French companies. These purchases of goodwill are integrated into their strategic development plans. AmatsiGroup and Oncodesign are pure players in their fields. This dimension, not least, ensures the sustainability and quality of services.


Oncodesign, leading French biopharmaceutical company, takes over Bertin Pharma's clinical and non-clinical services providing.

This purchase of goodwill is integrated into its strategic development plans.

Oncodesign is a pure player in its field. This dimension, not least, ensures the sustainability and quality of services.


  • Drug Discovery & Translational Research
  • Drug Analysis & Bioanalysis
  • Non Clinical Studies
  • Clinical Studies
  • Biobanking
  • Biosafety
  • Biocidal activity & biodecontamination

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About Oncodesign

Oncodesign is a leading biopharmaceutical company.

Oncodesign has built up an industrial model of innovation to orientate new therapeutic molecules to fight against cancers and other serious diseases without effective treatment to date: through services, partnerships and licensing, Oncodesign offers access to its drug discovery platform to qualify, at a very early stage, each molecule’s potential to become an effective therapeutic drug.

Based on a large portfolio of more than 600 clients and relying of the expertise of its 165 highly skilled personnel, Oncodesign meets the needs of innovation in the health industry through precision medicine.

Oncodesign is headquartered in Dijon and within the Paris-Saclay cluster with subsidiaries in Canada and USA.

Contact Oncodesign :


AmatsiGroup takes over activities related to pharmaceutical development within its AmatsiAquitaine subsidiary:

  • Pre-formulation & Formulation
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Industrial Transfer
  • Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Clinical supplies & Quality control
  • Analytical development & Stabilities

About AmatsiGroup

AmatsiGroup, is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

AmatsiGroup provides high-quality, customized and cost-effective drug development solutions, integrated under one roof, to small biotech and major (bio) pharmaceutical customers. Its innovative and flexible approach enables customers to speed up their drug development process, achieving key milestones in a timely manner.

With 400 highly qualified staff and a diversified clientele of 300 international pharmaceutical groups and biotech companies, AmatsiGroup is a leading provider of services for the development of veterinary and human pharmaceutical products.

AmatsiGroup is headquartered in France with 9 operational sites located in Europe and USA.

Contact AmatsiGroup :