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Oncology/Cancer Tools

Cancer Oncology Bertin Bioreagent

Check out our expanded range of Oncology Research Tools

Bertin Bioreagent has always made a great deal of effort into its Cancer Research tools offer…

As respond to your ever-varying needs is our top priority, we established clever partnerships and are now glad  to present you an new expanded Cancer range...


What are you looking for?

Assays Kits

Protein Arginine Deiminases (PADs) kits

> Assay 45 samples in duplicate
> Plate-based fluorometric measurement 
> Low background, high sensitivity   

DNA Methylation & Damage kits

> Multiplexed
> Ready-to-use HTS friendly (easy to work on 96 wells station) for screening
> Economical & time saver
> Exclusive technology 

> Measures major oxidative damage markers
> Detects all three oxidized guanine species
> Captures a more complete set of biologically relevant products of oxidative damage

> Quantifies 5-methyl-2’-deoxy cytidine in urine, plasma, cell lysates, and tissue culture supernatants
> Measures 5-methyl-2’-deoxy cytidine levels down to 3 ng/ml


> Measures products of oxidative DNA/RNA damage
> Quantifies both 8-OH-2dG & 8-OHG
> Correlates with LC-MS         

Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Quantification kits


> M/S - 21 cancer markers in one run
> Highly specific of the targeted protein
> Ready-to-use assay kit

Peroxisome-Proliferator Activated Receptor Gamma Kits

> Cell-based, all-inclusive, robust, & ready-to-use kits
> Fast, accurate, and easy to analyse results
> Helpful for extrapolating data prior to animal & clinical trials


DNA double strand break Biomarkers


> Measures products of oxidative DNA/RNA damage
> Quantifies both 8-OH-2dG & 8-OHG
> Correlates with LC-MS

Screening Library

Anti-cancer Library


> Unique collection of 933 compounds for use in cancer-related research and for high-throughput screening and high-content screening


Anti-oestrogens & Metabolite Reagents


> Selective estrogen receptor (ER) modulator
> ER antagonist in breast tisse & breast cells
> Effective in treating arly breast cancer to prevent tumor growth

To be active, Tamoxifen requires transformation > See also our Tamoxifen metabolites reagents