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Biochemicals for your Metabolism Studies

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We offer a large range of Biochemicals for Metabolism Studies (Probe Substrates, Metabolites and Inhibitors, most of which are listed in the draft FDA guidance #6695 dft) as well as microsomes containing recombinant human CYP450s.

Our Distributors : Cayman Chemicals & Columbia Biosciences

  • Cayman scientists are experts in the Synthesis, Purification, and Characterization of Biochemicals ranging from small drug-like Heterocycles to complex Biolipids, Fatty Acids, and many others.


  • Columbia Biosciences develops and manufactures Fluorescent Markers, and Precision Conjugates. These products promise increased accuracy and efficacy by improving sensitivity and reproducibility. These benefits are achieved with a proprietary technologies to manufacture unique fluorescent markers from cultured microalgae.


Our Drug Metabolism Products

Xenobiotic biotransformation is the principal mechanism for maintaining homeostasis during organism exposure to foreign molecules such as drugs. It is accomplished by a limited number of enzymes with broad substrate specificities, such as CYP450 enzymes. 

Being the major elimination route for many drugs, CYP450 enzymes play a very important role in the xenobiotics detoxication, but may also lead to toxic or tumorigenic metabolites.

Those metabolites are either produced by chemical synthesis or by biotransformation – biocatalysis reactions. Upon request, Bertin Bioreagent can provide you with bulk quantities of any of those biochemicals.

Explore your options with our broad spectrum of products dedicated to metabolism studies such as:

  • enzymes
  • substrates – APIs
  • metabolites

Bertin Bioreagent also proposes a fully integrated analytical and preparative platform using chemical synthesis, biotransformation or chemoenzymatic technologies for the production of conjugated metabolites.

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