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Hemoglobin Colorimetric Assay Kit

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    Hemoglobin Colorimetric Assay Kit
  • Hemoglobin Colorimetric Assay Kit
Cat No: 700540
Assay Kits - Colorimetric Assays
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Hemoglobin (Hb or Hgb) is a globular protein found primarily in erythrocytes that carries oxygen from the lungs to tissue where it releases oxygen and then returns carbon dioxide (CO2) from the tissue to the lungs. Beyond binding and transporting oxyg...

: 2 x 96 wells

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Territorial Availability: Available through Bertin Technologies only in Europe
Technical Warning: Check the Additional Items Required section of this kit booklet to verify if UltraPure Water (Milli-Q or equivalent) is needed for this assay
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Product Overview:
Hemoglobin (Hb or Hgb) is a globular protein found primarily in erythrocytes that carries oxygen from the lungs to tissue where it releases oxygen and then returns carbon dioxide (CO2) from the tissue to the lungs. Beyond binding and transporting oxygen, hemoglobin also binds CO2, carbon monoxide (CO), and nitric oxide (NO). Cayman’s Hemoglobin Colorimetric Assay provides a quick, reliable method for determining total hemoglobin concentration in a variety of biological samples, including blood, tissue homogenates, and cell lysates. Unlike the universally accepted reference method of hemoglobin determination, which uses potassium cyanide as a reagent and commonly under-estimates hemoglobin levels, Cayman’s Hemoglobin Assay utilizes an optimized detection reagent which is non-toxic, reporting accurate measurements of total hemoglobin concentrations with an absorbance between 560-590 nm.
Size 2 x 96 wells
Shipping wet ice
Stability Store at 4 degrees; shelf life 365 days
Custom Code 3822.00
UNSPSC code 41116104

Horton, H.R. Structure and function of biomolecules. 3 4.30-4.41 (1993 Jan 1).

Lodemann, P., Schorer, G., and Frey, B.M. Wrong molar hemoglobin reference values-a longstanding error that should be corrected. Ann Hematol 89 209 (2010).

Schechter, A.

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