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Dog PPARα Reporter Assay System, 1 x 96-well format assays

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Cat No: D00111
Assay Kits - Nuclear Receptor Reporter Assays
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Special Advice: Ship on dry ice to prevent it from thawing.
Size 1 ea
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Stability Store at -80 degrees; shelf life 180 days maximum after production
UNSPSC code 41116104

INDIGO Biosciences, Inc., based in State College, PA, has the largest global portfolio of nuclear receptor (NR) assay kits and related screening services, each with uncompromising robustness and accuracy.

INDIGO was formed with the mission of collapsing the time and cost associated with drug and chemical evaluations. The goal was to identify time-consuming and costly failures before a candidate drug enters the FDA process. By enabling a fast-fail approach in the earliest, pre-clinical phase of drug development, INDIGO’s products and services can save a biopharmaceutical company hundreds of millions of dollars and years of time that are often attributable to potential poor on-target performance and unanticipated off-target behaviors.

INDIGO Biosciences’ nuclear receptor assay products are cell-based reporter assay systems. They feature engineered nuclear receptor-specific reporter cells prepared using our unique CryoMite™ process. Once thawed, reporter cells are ready for immediate use. Test compounds can be screened for agonist or antagonist activities against human nuclear receptors expressed within the cytoplasm and nuclear environments of healthy, dividing mammalian cells.

Our reporter systems utilize fire fly luciferase reporter gene technology to provide optimal assay sensitivity and dynamic range when quantifying nuclear receptor activity. All of INDIGO Biosciences’ nuclear receptor reporter assay systems incorporate a detection reagent specially formulated to provide stable light emission over at least I hour, allowing users to dispense detection reagent into all assay wells prior to commencing activity measurements. This eliminates the need for a luminometer equipped with injectors, allows plates to be processed in batch, and dramatically reduces the start-to-finish read-time of assay plates.

INDIGO reporter assays are optimally configured for processing in 96- and 384-well format assay plates. Single plate kits (3x 32-, 1x96-, and 1x 384-well) are offered as all-inclusive assay systems. Each kit includes nuclear receptor reporter cells, an assay plate, all required reagents (optimized culture media, positive-control agonist, and detection reagent), as well as a detailed Technical Manual.

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