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Nathalie Sablon

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Press Releases

August 2017: Bertin Pharma focuses its activity on providing Bioreagents & Bioanalytical Tools

On August 2017, Bertin Pharma has signed an agreement for the sale of its pre-clinical and clinical studies’ activities. CNIM Group, Bertin Pharma’s main shareholder, decided to focus on its strategic product ranges: providing Bioreagents & Bioanalytic Tools. Those markets are more in tune with its industrial core activities in the fields of energy, environment, defense and security.

November 2016: Bertin Pharma and INDIGO Biosciences sign agreement for distributing Nuclear Receptor Assay kits in Europe

Nuclear Receptor Assay kits now available in Europe for Discovery and Toxicology dedicated to over 20 Disease States such as Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Disease, or even Endocrinology

September 2016: Xavier Morge, Bertin Pharma Managing Director, integrates the National Academy of Pharmacy as National Correspondent

The CEO of Bertin Pharma, specialty CRO and supplier of products for R&D in the Life Sciences, participates from now on in the work of the Physical & Chemical Sciences section.


May 2016: Xavier Morge, Bertin Pharma Managing Director, elected President of AFSSI

Co-founder of AFSSI (Association Française des Sociétés de Services et d’Innovation), Xavier Morge () intends now to enhance its visibility in France and internationally

December 2015: Bertin Pharma & LXRepair sign up for a kit to quantify DNA repair

Bertin Pharma and LXRepair sign up an agreement for manufacturing and distributing a kit to quantify DNA repair enzyme activities: Glyco-SPOT DNA Repair Assay kit

July 2015: Bertin Pharma is named once again amongst the CRO Leadership Awards

Bertin Pharma reiterates its top position in the categories "regulatory affairs" and "productivity" in the survey conducted by the company Nice Insight.

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  • "Combination of selective immunoassays and mass spectrometry to characterize preproghrelin-derives peptides in mouse tissues"


  • "Ecdysone-Related Biomarkers of Toxicity in the Model Organism Chironomus riparius: Stage and Sex-Dependent Variations in Gene Expression Profiles"

PLOS ONE - October 2015


  • "Abscisic Acid Stimulates Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Secretion from L-Cells and Its Oral Administration Increases Plasma Glucagon- Like Peptide-1 Levels in Rats"

PLOS ONE - October 2015

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