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Cayman Focus On Steroid Hormones

Cayman Focus on steroid hormones

Date : Since 26/04/2023

Place : Paris, France


Discover the Cayman catalog of steroid hormone test kits

For years, the scientific community has been relying on Cayman steroid hormone assay kits for studying the effects of such hormones on metabolism, inflammation, reproduction, immune and other functions.

Cayman’s kits are indeed particularly useful for scientific work since they offer effectiveness and high sensitivity, and are validated in several biological matrices.

To help researchers find the right tools and get the best results, Cayman continues to enhance its resources.


Why choose Cayman kits?

Speed up your scientific research with Cayman's steroid hormone assay kits. They have been developed to give the best sensitivity, while providing reliable and reproducible data.


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Cayman offers +100 hormone and receptor assay kits

Cayman’s technical team will be delighted to accompany you in your scientific research and help you get the best results


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