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Cayman Forensics: The Standards For Psychedelic Drugs Identification

Cayman Forensics: the standards for psychedelic drugs identification

Date : Since 05/07/2023

Place : Paris, France


In 2021, Cayman Chemicals introduced 242 new products in its forensic range.

This addition enlarged the current offer of analytical standards for forensic and toxicology researches to more than 3000!

In order to help the forensic community find the right tools, Cayman has edited new resources.


Analytical standards for stimulants identification

Cayman Chemicals offers over 800 analytical standards related to amphetamines, arylcyclohexylamines, cathinones, cocaine, tropanes, indanes, phenethylamines and piperazines.


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Psychedelic Drugs Discovery Resource Center by Cayman 

Accelerate your drug discovery with Cayman's psychedelic analytical standards.



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