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February Focus: Psychedelic Drugs & Stimulant Standards

February Focus: Psychedelic Drugs & Stimulant Standards

Date : Since 10/02/2022

Place : Paris, France


This monthly focus highlights Cayman’s drug identification ressources available to support forensic community.

In 2021, Cayman Chemicals has introduced 242 new forensic products across diverse drug classes therefore hitting a milestone of a current offer of more than 3,000 analytical standards for Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology research! To support the forensic community finding the right tools, Cayman has edited new resources.


Analytical Standards for identification of stimulants:

Cayman Chemicals offers more than 800 analytical standards related to amphetamines, arylcyclohexylamines, cathinones, cocaine & tropanes, indanes, phenethylamines, piperazines.

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Psychedelic Drug Discovery Resource Center by Cayman:

Accelerate your pharmaceutical drug discovery with Cayman's psychedelic drug standards.

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New poster on cathinone Identification and Naming:

This poster presents common cathinone GC-MS fragments, substitutions, and naming conventions to help deciphering the structure of cathinone new psychoactive substances.

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