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September Focus: Cayman Tools Dedicated To Ferroptosis

September Focus: Cayman tools dedicated to Ferroptosis

Date : Since 21/09/2021

Place : Paris, France


In 2012 a formerly unknown type of cell death was described.

This event called ferroptosis is a controlled cell death that does not have the same milestones as apoptosis or necroptosis. Ferroptosis results from iron-dependent lipid peroxide accumulation and it is regulated by multiple cellular metabolic pathways. This monthly focus highlights Cayman’s assets to study ferroptosis.


Article about Ferroptosis

Detecting a new form of cell death to learn more about inducers and pathways to ferroptosis

Poster on Ferroptosis

This poster summarizes the current understanding of this cell death process with a focus on the various metabolic processes involved.

Download the poster

Cayman’s research reagents to study Ferroptosis

Key inducers and inhibitors, assays dedicated to glutathione and glutathione peroxidase, oxidized lipid standards and lipid peroxidation assays and probes.

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