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July Focus: Cayman Solutions To Study Kinases

July Focus: Cayman solutions to study kinases

Date : Since 13/07/2021

Place : Paris, France


What’s new to study kinases?

From growth to proliferation & differentiation on to metabolism and eventually death, the signal transduction pathways responsible for virtually every cell function in the body are built on a network of kinases. By simply transferring phosphates to specific serine, threonine, or tyrosine residues of their substrates, they initiate its conformational change and trigger a cellular signalling event. Abnormalities in phosphorylation can contribute to many different disease states. It is for this reason that keen interest has been placed in developing compounds to control kinase activity.


Map of Kinase Inhibitors

Explore the signal transduction cascades within this map and select your inhibitors of interest!

Cayman Compound Libraries

Discover Cayman’s Kinase Screening Library with its carefully selected content

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News - Growth Factor Receptors in Cancer

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