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June Focus: Cayman Solutions To Study Sting

June Focus: Cayman solutions to study STING

Date : Since 08/06/2021

Place : Paris, France


What’s new to study innate immune response?

STING is a central mediator of the innate immune response that induces the expression of various interferons, cytokines, and T cell recruitment factors, and has the potential to enhance the initial anticancer response. The mammalian cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS signals through the adaptor protein STING. This monthly focus highlights applications in the fields of cellular 2'3'-cGAMP detection,  identification of inhibitors of human cGAS.


Development & validation of the 2'3'-cGAMP ELISA Kit

Enables highly sensitive, direct measurement of 2'3'-cGAMP in cell lysate samples.

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The novel cGAS Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

Provides a robust & easy-to-use platform for identifying novel inhibitors of human cGAS.

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STING Signaling Pathway

All about the well characterized Proteins & the wide Range of Biochemicals dedicated to STING research tools.

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