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April Focus: Cell Biology Research Tools

April focus: Cell biology research tools

Date : Since 06/04/2021

Place : Paris, France


What’s new to study cellular fate?

Cells are constantly receiving extra-cellular signals and integrating them to drive their biological processes. Deciphering extra- and intra-cellular signalling pathways helps in better understanding cell functions as well as cell fates.

This monthly focus highlights applications in the fields of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) binding by eicosanoids and in stem cell differentiation and reprogrammation understanding. It also solves a frequently asked question when it comes to cellular assays relative to the solvent choice.


Subject 1: Tools to Study Eicosanoid GPCR Signaling 

Discover Cayman tools to study Eicosanoid GPCR Signaling >>

Download the Eicosanoid GPCRs poster >>


Subject 2: Stem Cell Research

Discover the new sensitive & non-radioactive assays for detecting transcription factors



Subject 3: Solubility Factors When Choosing a Solvent

Don’t hesitate anymore when picking up a solvent to run your assays by using Cayman’s solubility chart:

Read the article >>