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Ghrelin Study In Children With Obesity With Bertin Bioreagent

Ghrelin study in children with obesity with Bertin Bioreagent

Date : Since 10/03/2020

Place : Montigny le Bretonneux


Plasma levels of ghrelin, des-acyl ghrelin and LEAP2 in children with obesity: Correlation with age and insulin resistance

It has been investigated that plasma levels of ghrelin (octanoylated hormone that regulates appetite and blood glucose) is altered in people with obesity. This study aims to measure fasting plasma levels of acylated and unacylated ghrelin & LEAP 2 in children. We evaluate those levels in children with a normal weight / overweight / obesity and their association with different anthropometric and metabolic variables.

Bertin Bioreagent offers a comprehensive range of kits to study ghrelin. For both acylated and unacylated ghrelin, applicable for human, mouse, rat, pig and dog and with a high sensitivity (detection limit 0,6 pg/ml).

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