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New Solution For Pig Research Work

New solution for Pig research work

Date : Since 28/02/2018

Place : Paris, France


Cytokines are small molecules playing a central role in intracellular signaling connected to immunity and defense...

Cytokines are small molecules playing a central role in intracellular signaling connected to immunity and defense. Their primary function is to recruit immune cells to infection or carcinogenic sites. As such, measuring those markers is of critical importance for new drug development. ELISAs for human, mouse and rats are available on the market but it can be complicated to find an equivalent for pig model.
This range of ELISA kits addresses scientific researchers working on porcine model. This model is becoming more and more attractive due to the close relationship between humans and pigs in term of nutrition, metabolism or genetics. Before performing clinical trials on human, every new drug has to be tested for safety issue on rodent and non-rodent species. In that context, pigs are replacing dogs in many areas in the world. Finally, pig meat is frequently consumed around the world, making it extensively studied for meat production. Measuring cytokines helps to prevent disease appearance and veterinary drug development.

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