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Peter Reeh - Farewell Symposium

Peter Reeh - Farewell Symposium

Date : Since 12/06/2017

Place : “New Aims and Targets in Nociception”


Peter Reeh - Farewell Symposium “New Aims and Targets in Nociception”, 15-16 June - Erlangen (Germany)

They have been using our Assay Kits for many is a testimonial of what they think about them!

"For nearly 20 years the group of Prof. Peter Reeh (Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen, Germany) has been using SPI-Bio/ immunoassays (a brand name of Bertin pharma) to measure stimulated neuropeptide release from isolated tissues as a versatile model in pain research. More than 40 publications used the release and measurement of CGRP as an index of neuronal excitability and sensitivity. This includes the effects of a plethora of drugs, endogenous mediators and toxins. Bertin Pharma always accompanied this work as a recommendable, reliable and reasonable commercial partner."

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