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Nuclear Receptor Assays Kits - Get your receptor Grid!

Nuclear Receptor Assays Kits Bertin Bioreagent

Find easily the product you need


By choosing a select group of receptors to study

(a predesigned panel), it is possible to better understand the biological and toxicologic effects of your compounds.

Here is for you a
FREE predesigned NR Disease
State Affiliation Table

for you to choose the product that fits your needs!







Our NR Assays Kits Benefits

Easy Access. Proven Results. Simple Process.

 Nuclear Receptors Research Leader, INDIGO Biosciences gives you: 

All-inclusive, Cell-based, Robust & Ready to use kits
Fast, Accurate & Easy to analyse results
3 convenient formats: 3x32-, 96-, &384-well assay plates
Once thawed, cells are ready for immediate use
Typically presents >95% viability

Indigo's kits can screen small numbers of test compounds, as well as custom bulk reagents for HTS application.

Assay systems are all inclusive, providing reporter cells, optimized growth media, media for diluting test compounds, a positive-control agaonist , luciferase detection reagent, a white assay plate, and a detailed protocol.

All kits are shipped on dry ice.

Over 40 NR assays available for your discovery and toxicology studies! 



Bertin Bioreagent is a major European player for the supply of Reagents & Assay kits dedicated to the Research & Development for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industries. Its long R&D experience combined with its International distributor channels enable to deliver life science tools on time and to support customers throughout their experimentation.

INDIGO Biosciences, recognised as a leader in Nuclear Receptor Research, provides the world’s largest portfolio of Nuclear Receptor Assay kits with a fast-growing business in the USA.

INDIGO & Bertin Bioreagent have signed a distribution agreement to highlight this unique range of Nuclear Receptor Assay kits through its European distribution network.

Bertin Bioreagent completes, with this new range of Nuclear Receptor Assay kits, its existing ranges of biomarker assays applied to his expertise areas that are metabolic syndrome, hypertension or even oncology.

Nuclear Receptor Assays Portfolio

  • ERβ (ESR 2) (Human)

Estrogen Receptor, beta

  • ER Panel  (Human alpha, beta)
  • ERRα (Human)

Estrogen-Related Receptor, alpha

  • ERRγ (Human)

Estrogen-Related Receptor, gamma

  • FXR (Human, Mouse)

Farnesoid X Receptor

  • LiveCell Multiplex (LCM) Assay
  • Luciferase Activity Assay in HEK cells
  • Luciferase Activity Assay in CHO cells
  • TR Panel (Human, alpha, beta)

Thyroid Hormone Receptor, alpha, beta

  • VDR (Human)

Vitamin D Receptor

  • AR (Human)

Androgen Receptor

  • CAR-1 (Human)

Constitutive Androstane Receptor, isoform 1

  • CAR-2 (Human)

Constitutive Androstane Receptor, isoform 2

  • CAR-3 (Human)

Constitutive Androstane Receptor, isoform 3

  • CAR (Mouse)

Constitutive Androstane Receptor

  • CAR (Rat)

Constitutive Androstane Receptor

  • ERα 5 (ESR 1) (Human)

Estrogen Receptor, alpha



Non-Nuclear Receptor Assays Portfolio

  • AhR (Human, Rat)

Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor

  • NF-κB (Human)

Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain enhancer of activated B cells

  • Nrf2 (Human)

Nuclear Factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2