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Magnet Assisted Transfection: MATra®

Transfection Bertin Bioreagent

MATra® is a collective and gentle way to transfer all types of Nucleic Acids from plasmid DNA or siRNA to oligonucleotides into different types of living cells (primary cells, cells in suspension & adherents).

The Matra® technology lies on the use of nanoparticles (MagTag®) to fix your gene of interest.

Those complexes are then mixed with the cells nucleotide sequences are driven into the nucleus by the magnetic field, improving the transfection process.

What are the benefits of Matra® compared to standard transfections?

  • easy and rapid protocol

  • up to several thousand fold increased levels of transgene after short-term incubation with the transfection reagent

  • functional with serum & serum-free ( cell lines * the loading of MATra-A or MATra-si Reagents with nucleic acids has to be performed under serum-free conditions whilst the nucleic acids loaded MATra-A or MATra-si Reagents can be applied to the cells in the presence of serum)

  • successful use on many cell lines: HeLa, BHK, CHO, click here for exhaustive list

  • highly cost-effective & no need for expensive instruments

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