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Tag Protein Purification: Strep-tag® Technology

Tag Protein Purification Bertin Bioreagent

The affinity of the sample streptavidine biotine has been engineered in order to lower the affinity. One part can be attached to your gene of interest and express fused to the protein, while the other part will be linked chemically to a solid phase for separation.

Strep-tag® characteristics:

  • buffer high variability: high salts, detergents, metal ions, chelators or reducing agents
  • a short tag
  • low Kd value (10-7) allowing simple and gentle separation using a competitor
  • low pressure
  • HPLC columns available

Strep-tag® products have also numerous advantages:

  • high protein purity: >95% under physiological conditions
  • high specificity
  • physiological and fast purification with low background
  • allows isolation of bioactive proteins, metalloproteins and protein complexes
  • high-performance tool for protein:protein interaction studies
  • efficient protein immobilization
  • no influence on protein folding and function
  • low immunogenicity
  • re-usable resins

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