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StarGate® Technology: Fast & Easy Protein Expression Cloning

Cloning Gene Expression Bertin Bioreagent

Save time by opting for the StarGate® technology and evaluate the best protein-tags and hosts for the expression of your gene of interest.

The StarGate® technology allows you to:

  • clone your gene of interest into a shuttle vector
  • express your shuttle into E.Coli
  • transfer your gene of interest into the acceptor vector using StarCombinase®
  • transfect into your host (E.Coli, Mammalian, Yeast, Baculovirus)

Stargate® also offers some sizeable advantages:

  • wide choice of acceptor vectors with different Tags (N or C ter)
  • parallel screening for optimal protein expression
  • inherent cloning efficiency
  • no risk of a second cloning step
  • time saving

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