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Pre-Analytical Products: Take Care of your Sample!

Pre-Analytical Products Bertin Bioreagent

Sample handling has become an essential part in the modern analyst toolbox. In order to get the most reproducible results, it is critical to take care of the samples from the collection to the first step of the analytical procedure.

As a matter of fact, many artefacts may come from the sample collection, storage or preparation of the samples before analysis. It is of importance to set up and validate each of those steps (collection, storage and preparation) in accordance with the analytical methods.

At Bertin Bioreagent we offer Pre-Analytical Products such as:

  • protease inhibitor
  • collection tubes, to prevent biomarker degradation, or ex vivo formation to extract proteins
  • homogenization tubes nucleic acid from any samples types
  • cones for air sampling device
  • affinity and SPE columns validated with our assays


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