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MS2PLex Bertin Bioreagent Brands

MS2Plex® is a significant breakthrough in Membrane Protein Analysis with a worldwide exclusive license for this patented technology...

MS2Plex products

SPI-Bio Bertin Bioreagent Brand

SPI-Bio is a brand name of Bertin Bioreagent offering a wide and unique range of assays for biomarker Immunoassays...

Spot-Lx Bertin Bioreagent Brand

SPOT-LX is based on a technology powered by LXRepair, this outstanding technology addresses the need to understand & characterize the DNA Repair network...

Cayman Bertin Bioreagent Brand

Cayman is expert in the synthesis, purification, and characterization of biochemicals ranging from small drug-like heterocycles to complex biolipids, fatty acids & many others...

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IBA Bertin Bioreagent Brand

IBA offers a comprehensive portfolio ranges of products for Cloning, Transfection, Recombinant Protein Production & Cell Isolation...

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Biosense Bertin Bioreagent

Biosense Laboratories AS is a leading supplier of test systems for detecting presence and effect of xenobiotics, toxins and pollutants...

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Indigo Biosciences Bertin Bioreagent

INDIGO Biosciences has the largest global portfolio of nuclear receptor (NR) assay kits and related screening services, each with uncompromising robustness and accuracy...


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TargetMol Bertin Bioreagent


TargetMol is a global high-tech enterprise, specializing in chemical and biological research products and service to meet the research needs of global customers...