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Privacy policy

Your right to privacy is important to us.

No personal data is needed to browse through our website. We would still like to acknowledge the fact that some records are kept concerning the visits on our website. Those data will not allow us to identify you.
You will learn below the type of information that we may collect and keep after each of your visits.

At Bertin Bioreagent, we collect information about website visitors in various manners.


In order to facilitate access to our website and to bring you the best information, we use cookies. A cookie is sent to your computer and records information about the pages seen, the time and date of connection, etc. By tracking such activities, the computers operating our websites can recognize a visitor and customize certain features for that visitor. These statistics will allow us to improve our website and make it more user-friendly. Again, cookies cannot identify you. The collected information is kept for 365 days.
If you do not wish to participate to those statistics, you can refuse access to the cookies by simply configurating your internet browser (in the Menu bar: Tools and Internet Options)

Contact form

When you wish to contact us, we ask you to fill in our online form with your personal information. The mandatory fields and extra information you complete will be retained such as:
your name
your address
your phone number
your e-mail address
your company’s name

All the collected information is confidential and will only be shared between members of the Bertin Bioreagent Company. They can however be used for business purposes.

If you have any inquiries or complaints and towards our information collection, please write to Bertin Bioreagent and we will take the necessary measures to delete all of your information:

Bertin Bioreagent
Parc d’activités du Pas du Lac
10 bis avenue Ampère
78180 Montigny le bretonneux