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ISO 9001 & 13485 Certifications

ISO 9001 Bertin Bioreagent 


ISO 9001

This ISO 9001 Certification rewards our teams’ efforts towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, in the spirit of our new motto: care. innovate.deliver.
Let’s focus on what ISO 9001 means and why Bertin Bioreagent decided the certification of Bioreagent.

Imagine every Bioreagent customer had three wishes from their favorite supplier (apart from low prices!). We, at Bertin Bioreagent, think that those wishes would be, first, the assurance that customers’ needs and satisfaction are the number one priority. Second, that the supplier is engaged in a continuous improvement policy for day after day improved services.
And, last but not least, quality products. Now, imagine there was a quality system based on those same wishes. Well, Bertin Bioreagent found it: it’s called ISO 9001 and our Bioreagent department is now certified!


Every supplier’s goal is to fulfill those wishes, isn’t it? Well, it is Bertin Bioreagent’s goal.
But, for those wishes to come true, things need to be in place to be able to catch customers’ needs, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, non-conformities, problems, forces, weaknesses etc. and turn them into improvement opportunities, then into actual actions. ISO 9001 gives the key to such an organization and leads towards continuous improvement. Moreover, this organization is annually audited by a certification company (Bureau Veritas, for instance) that ensures we stay on track, to always deliver quality services.

To sum it up, Bertin Bioreagent decided Bioreagent’s ISO 9001 certification to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our services.

Today, we share our first certificate… with many more to come!

 ISO 9001 Certificate


NEW! ISO 13485

Bertin Bioreagent pursuits its will to demonstrate its quality system is implemented and maintained by applying for the ISO 13485 standard. This standard is harmonized with the Medical Devices Directive and IVD directive and describes requirements on quality management systems handling medical and IVD devices. It is however recommended because compliance with ISO13485 renders an assumption of passing the approval process for the IVD and MDD Directives.

Bertin Bioreagent is now certified for the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of in vitro testing kits and reagents!

ISO 9001 Certificate